Actual Situation 01-10-2017

At this moment we are in contact with a party to find potential buyers of Moringa dry leafs.

With the RABO-Bank in Utrecht we are looking for possibilities for financing the whole project.
As soon as we have an agreement with them we will start to cultivate 40 ha at Bwitini farm in Tanga Region, Tanzania  and plant the first 4.000.000 trees.

Because we can deliver dry leaves only nine months after starting the plantation, we have made a contract with “For a Good Live” a company in Kenya which has a large network of outgrowers to deliver the Moringa  dry leaves in the meantime.

We are now registered at the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands.
The website of M.O.P  is in the air and we have email addresses for M.O.P.
Terms of Delivery are made and deposed at the bank and we are working on regulations and agreements on transportation, taxes, contracts, etc .

Who are we
Who are we:
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