Moringa Oil

Moringa oil has a potent antioxidant considered to be the factor behind its remarkable stability.  Moringa oil is non-drying nutty flavoured oil with a pale yellow consistency. The healing properties of Moringa oil, also known as ben oil, were documented by ancient cultures. It has tremendous cosmetic value and is used in body and hair care as a moisturizer and skin conditioner. Moringa oil has been used in skin preparations and ointments since Egyptian times. This is very long lasting oil with a shelf life of up to 5 years.
Moringa oil is light and spreads easily on the skin. It is best for massage and aromatherapy applications. Moringa oil can be used in creams, lotions, balms, scrubs, body oils, and hair care formulations. Skin moisturizing benefits are derived from the fact that Moringa seed oil is high in vitamins A and C and unsaturated fatty acids. Moringa Oil is in demand because it is so stable and resistant to rancidity and it has long been valued for its effleurage property by the perfume industry.

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Who are we:
About Moringa:
- Kenya
S.No Parameters S.No
1 Acid Value mq Ko H/2 5.0
2 Peroxide Value meq/kg 0.8
3 Saponification value mq Ko H.g 178.8
4 Moisture, % by wt. 0.2
5 Total ash, % by wt. 0.01
6 Protein, % by wt. (N x 6.25) Nil
7 Fat, % by wt. 99.8
8 Crude fibre, % by wt. Nil
9 Carbohydrates (by difference), % by wt. Nil
10 Calorific value, (K.cals/100g) 898
11 Myristic 0.1%
12 Palmitic 7.3%
13 Oleic 71.4%
14 Lignoceric 0.8%